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The main goal of this training program is to help you or your company become more innovative and competitive through the understanding and utilization of the proven TRIZ methodology.  The program is designed to develop a basic awareness of TRIZ among key management and technical personnel.  We believe learning takes place best with a "hands-on" approach.  Therefore, all of our training contains elements of teaching and application. TIC strives to make our customers competent and confident in the application of TRIZ.  Visit our Individual or Corporate training sections for more information.

TIC will train individuals either at our facility in Worcester, MA or onsite at your location.  Corporate training is more economically done at an onsite location of your choice.  For more information about either individual or corporate training curriculum, schedules and fees, please click on the appropriate page.

What the attendees are saying

"Very good interaction between class members and instructor. Discussion and reflection is required to settle the materaila nd the concepts." Poulsen, Innovation Manager, GEA, Denmark

"Provided an excellent opportunity to learn about TRIZ. The content was rich - both broadly applied and in-depth. The format was engaing with great discussion to help bridge the theory and the practice." Pierce, Program Director, Oregon University of Technology, USA

The List of companies that have used TRIZ as a resource: Arcelik, Hewletet Packard, Ventana Medical, Solutia Inc., General Mills, DRS, John Deere, Franklin Electric, Electrochem, Roche Diagnosis, Sargento Foods, Fairchild Semiconductor, Panamerican University, IDEA-Japan, Dow Chemical, Intel, Delphi, Pella Windows, Michelin,  Boeing and Waters Corp.


Some recently reported success stories:

• In 2003, 67 TRIZ projects at Samsung electronics resulted in about $150 million of cost savings and 52 patent applications.
• Boeing has utilized TRIZ in the design of a military 767 refueling tanker, inventing two new and complete solutions to a difficult technical problem, saving roughly 12 million dollars. The TRIZ solutions also resulted in several new, very desirable customer features to the refueling tanker that gave Boeing an edge over competition, winning an additional 1.5 billion dollars of business!
• A team of engineers had worked six months on the problem of how a new chemical plant experienced severe fouling in a distillation column, without success. In two weeks, using TRIZ, thirty-two possible solutions were generated, thirty of which had already been considered. One of the remaining two solution ideas solved the problem, resulting in rapid achievement of operating profit.
• TRIZ is reported being used in Japan at: Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Fuji Photo Film, Nissan, Hitachi, Japan Railway, and Panasonic.
• TRIZ was used to develop Crest Whitestrips for Procter & Gamble (P&G). From a TRIZ perspective, the key problem was that tooth whitener should be on the teeth to whiten, and it should not be on the teeth to avoid contact with saliva. A TRIZ concept, a thin flexible film saturated with whitener that adhered to the teeth, proved to be the answer. WhiteStrips was P&G's most successful product launch ever, generating $130 million dollars of sales in the first year of operation while capturing over 45% of the whitening market. Source:

Michelin (USA) has shown the efficacy of using TRIZ. As reported by one team leader ‘Partly as a result of TRIZ training, my team produced greater than 30% of all the invention records submitted by our research site over the course of 2003, whereas we only represent 7% of the population that usually submit such records’.


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